Getting It There with Cable Conveyors

Conveyors are used by industries to move products along an assembly line and get them to packagers quickly. At the same time, they help minimize the risk of damage. There are many companies out ready to install, calibrate, maintain, and repair this essential industrial machine. The many advantages of conveyor technology are explained below.


Among the newest types of machines, the Tubular Drag Conveyor (also called a tube conveyor or cable conveyor) provides transportation along an assembly line. Its design keeps the product free of dust and other contaminants. This makes the machine an essential for food, pharmaceutical, coffee, liquid, and plastic producers. The conveyor features extremely gentle, precisely measured, careful handling of fragile materials. They can be custom-built to fit the dimensions and other needs of the customer’s facilities. They are quiet running, easily cleaned, and feature a low energy expenditure.

Conveyors can function on multiple planes. This means they can fit in with most assembly line and machine assembly technologies. A company buying a conveyor does not need to alter its assembly or packaging process because the conveyor can literally be built around the stations in the assembly line. Because fast, precise, consistent production is essential to a company’s survival, conveyors are carefully constructed and calibrated upon installation. This means they will require minimal maintenance and few repairs.

However, when maintenance issues do arise, conveyor companies typically offer a full range of repair services. This means customers only need to go to one place for installation and repair: the place that understands the machine best. The company that built the conveyor will usually have the needed replacement parts in their stock. If not, they are able to get them quickly. Going to just one place for installation, maintenance, and repairs is convenient and tends to reduce costs over time.

Tube conveyors come in carrying capacities of 2, 4, or 6 inches (50 mm, 100 mm, and 150 mm in metric measurement). They can transport items like dry or fried food as well as pet food and items made of very small pieces. Their sanitary and gentle process ensures minimal product loss and defects. The tubular construction of the carriage compartments allows materials of any shape or consistency to be transported. From fine powders and tablets to cereals and plastic pellets, machines such as Cablevey Conveyors can move them.

When looking for a Cable Conveyor, companies need to ensure their products are safe, sanitary, and in good hands, even when those hands are mechanical. Tube Conveyors have the technology to guarantee maximum precision and efficiency.